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EEZDEE INTRADE SDN. BHD. (hereinafter referred as “EEZDEE”) was incorporated on December 17th 2009 with registration number 883027-D. Our registered office is situated at No. 18-2, Jalan 3/146, Bandar Tasik Selatan, 57000 Kuala Lumpur. The principal place of business is located at No. 45-1, Jalan Wangsa Delima 2A, Pusat Bandar Wangsa Maju, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.

EEZDEE mainly involve in the export of consumer and industrial food products to overseas market with the determined VISION of bringing excellent Malaysian made products to users all over the world. EEZDEE’s founder has been acknowledged and accepted as a reliable, efficient, and effective trader, exporter and supplier of palm oil and dairy products on a global scale. We are expanding our range of products and growing the presence of our in-house brands. We AIM to be regarded by our customers as and suppliers as a crucial strategic business partner who delivers products and services with good quality and good value.

EEZDEE’s areas of expertise include the processing and exporting of consumer-packed foodstuffs comprising of oil and fats products, dairy products, agriculture products and commodities, cereal products, canned foodstuffs and bottled products.

With the good collaboration and support with our suppliers, strong customer network, and a highly committed group of management team and staffs, we are committed and confident to excel in the food export business and achieve sustainable growth in the coming years.


The Board of Directors of EEZDEE comprise of three (3) Directors, of which two (2) are Executive Directors. In the Company’s Register of Directors’ shareholdings, there is only one (1) Director who holds interest in the Company’s shares (also known as Non-Independent Director).

Mr. Mohd Izdiharuddin Bin Sulaiman, age 35
Managing Director and Non-Independent Executive Director

Graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Studies from Abu Bakar Islamic University from Karachi, Pakistan, Mohd Izdiharuddin immediately joined Meetco (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., a company founded by his father, as an Assistant General Manager. Meetco (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. has nearly 30 years of experience in the business of exporting consumer and industrial food products. With all the necessary business knowledge and skills acquired, together with his ability to communicate in Arabic, Urdu/ Hindi, and English languages, he possesses all the right attributes to lead, manage and grow the Company.

Ms. Ros Wahida Binti Askor Ali, age 36
Independent Executive Director

Ros Wahida is in the final stage of completing her bachelor degree studies in accounting in Malaysia. She has more than 10 years working experience and knowledge in accounting and finance, human resource and administration. She has been working with the Company since incorporation. On the 31st day of December 2015, she was formally appointed as the Company Director to oversee the human resource and business administration of the Group.

Mr. Muhammad Hazim Bin Sulaiman, age 25
Independent Non-Executive Director

Youngest son of Madam Posiah binti Halid, Mr. Muhammad Hazim is pursuing his pre-university education studies at local institution. He was appointed to the Board as part of the family business succession planning. Being an independent non-executive Director, Muhammad Hazim will progressively acquire the knowledge and experience of being a company director.


The following are related companies where the shareholders and directors of the Company have direct financial interest. These companies together form as a group for the overall business undertakings by the shareholders and directors.

Royal Chef Products (M) Sdn Bhd (Company No. 557859-P)

  • 100% equity shares on the total paid-up capital of RM1 million;
  • Trademark owner of Royal Chef brand and in the business of local distribution of foodstuffs and consumer products.

Nur Zahrah Industries Sdn Bhd (Company No.898886-A)

  • 100% equity shares on the total paid-up capital of RM500,000;
  • Trading of non edible section of palm oil and oleochemicals products.
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Embedded in our culture of hard work, honesty, and getting the well done job

Mr. Sulaiman Bin DaudGroup Chairman
Mr. Haji Sulaiman bin Daud was the founder and ex-Chief Executive Officer of Meetco (M) Sdn Bhd, a company incorporated in 1981 that has the similar business nature and activities with EEZDEE. Under his leadership, Meetco (M) Sdn Bhd recorded the highest gross annual turnover approximating to MYR 0.5 billion. With his more than 30 years of extensive exposure and experience in the food export industries, his knowledge and business networks are beyond doubt most valuable to the expansion and sustainable growth of EEZDEE.
Mr. Jiun How WongManagement Consultant
A chartered accountant by profession, JH Wong has acquired 15 years of experience in financial and business risks assurance services, corporate secretarial, direct and indirect taxes, accounting, financial and business valuation, human resource, and business management support.He supports the board governance and management functions of the Company in the capacity as independent advisor and personal assistant to Executive Directors.
Mr. Mohd Izdiharuddin Bin SulaimanManaging Director
Being the Managing Director, Mr. Mohd Izdiharuddin bin Sulaiman spearheads the entire Company’s operations in marketing, sales, procurements, documentations, logistics and finance. In addition, his main roles involve developing or exploring new products to add onto the Company’s products mix.
Ms. Ros Wahida binti Askor AliExecutive Director HR & Admin
Being the executive member of the Board of Directors, Ros Wahida administers the full spectrum of the Company’s human resource and business administration functions. During the absence of the authorised bank signatories, she is the acting officer to review and approve the financial transactions and payments.
Madam Posiah Binti HalidHuman Resource Director
Wife to Mr. Haji Sulaiman bin Daud, Madam Posiah has been greatly assisting Mr. Haji Sulaiman in managing and running the human resource and administration affairs. Her experience and knowledge will contribute significantly to the human capital, talent management and office administration of EEZDEE.
Mr. Sitharthan a/l MaranFinance Manager
A member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) United Kingdom, Sitharthan Maran is a qualified professional accountant who has approximately 10 years of valuable experience in accounting, financial and human resource management. He has been working with the Company for almost five (5) years now.


EEZDEE mainly involve in the export of consumer and industrial food products to overseas market with the determined VISION of bringing excellent Malaysian made products to users all over the world.

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